weebee Reading Scheme Series 1

The weebee Reading Scheme Series 1 for schools and home learning.

Designed for accelerated reading - an ideal 'catch-up' resource

This reading scheme is the result of seven years of research and development including a one-year trial across sixteen schools in the UK with children aged 4-5 years. The research demonstrates statistically significant improvements in reading comprehension for children using these books and the associated learning resources. Each of the first eight books introduces a new character known as a weebee. The original concept art for the weebees was done by Rolf Mohr, an internationally recognised artist in the world of computer games. These original creatures are designed to appeal equally to boys and girls and are set in an imaginary valley where there are no cultural or gender constraints.

Books 1-8  In these books, the majority of words are phonically decodable and follow the phonics phases from the English 'Letters and Sounds' document. 

Books 1a - 8a. These books are an alternative parallel set of books that include many words that are not considered to be phonically decodable. They are intended for children who are more holistic learners, often boys, who either cannot access the blending and segmenting approach known as synthetic phonics, or prefer not to. They are also for children who have 'cracked the code' and can already read when they start school. For more information, see the document below 'Application of contemporary theory: Development of the weebee Reading Scheme for 4-5 year old children'.

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Grog Book 1

ISBN 978 1 913946 00 5   Price£6.00

Grog Book 1a

ISBN 978 1 913946 09 8   Price £6.00

Pip Book 2

ISBN 978 1 913946 01 2   Price£6.00

Pip Book 2a

ISBN 978 1 913946 10 4   Price £6.00

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Tod Book 3

ISBN 978 1 913946 02 9   Price£6.00

Tod Book 3a

ISBN 978 1 913946 11 1   Price £6.00

Mop Book 4

ISBN 978 1 913946 03 6   Price£6.00

Mop Book 4a

ISBN 978 1 913946 12 8   Price £6.00

Jig Book 5

ISBN 978 1 913946 04 3   Price£6.00

Jig Book 5a

ISBN 978 1 913946 13 5   Price £6.00

Zon Book 6

ISBN 978 1 913946 05 0   Price£6.00

Zon Book 6a

ISBN 978 1 913946 14 2   Price £6.00

Flup Book 7

ISBN 978 1 913946 06 7   Price£6.00

Flup Book 7a

ISBN 978 1 913946 15 9   Price £6.00

Saff Book 8

ISBN 978 1 913946 07 4   Price£6.00

Saff Book 8a

ISBN 978 1 913946 16 6   Price £6.00

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Complete Resource Book weebee Reading Scheme Series 1 Books 1-8

ISBN 978 1 913946 08 1   Price £24.00

Complete Resource Book weebee Reading Scheme Series 1a Books 1a-8a

ISBN 978 1 913946 17 3   Price £24.00

School teacher reviews:

"The children enjoyed the books, games and activities."

"Parents have given positive feedback about children's enthusiasm for the weebees."

With struggling readers:

"The children enjoyed the books, games, songs and activities and looked forward to the sessions as they clearly enjoyed them."

"We could see improvements after a few weeks, the children were motivated by the weebees and looked forward to the sessions."

"His comprehension has really improved."

"She has made huge improvements, especially in comprehension."

"He has made progress, particularly in confidence."

"Real progress in his reading, especially in his confidence. He does not read much at home and so the weebee input was very useful."

"Her confidence in reading has grown."

"He is making much more sense of what he is reading."

"It did benefit the children and the children evidently enjoyed it and looked forward to being taken out in their respective groups. The children found the weebees engaging."

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Using you Pupil Premium Budget effectively

According to the National Governance Association in England, schools that get the best outcomes for disadvantaged pupils account for every pound spent in their budget. They refer to evidence such as the EEF toolkit, academic research or internal data when justifying spending decisions. A clear monitoring process is also set up and the criterion for success clearly defined. There must be a clear evidence-based rationale for the use of interventions and initiatives.

Focussing too narrowly on a specific area such as decoding can lead to a failure to tackle root causes of reading failure that can be related to delayed speech and language development, poor social interaction, feelings of isolation, and learned helplessness from repeated experience of failure. Schools need to adopt a more holistic outlook when choosing interventions.

In England, the SEND Code of Practice (2015) asks schools to select evidence-based and well-founded interventions. This paper gives schools the evidence as to why they should select the weebee Reading Scheme and deploy their budget in this direction.