Dyslexia-friendly Titles

Dyslexia-friendly books - based on up-to-date research

New research has demonstrated that a simple text manipulation can reduce the phenomenon known as migration (letters or words seeming to move) and lead to improved comprehension when reading narrative text for students with delayed-visual-disengagement dyslexia. When students read aloud from the adjusted text, compared to normal text, they make fewer mispronunciations, fewer omissions, fewer substitutions and fewer migrations and thus score higher on standardised tests of comprehension. Currently, this formatting is unique to Crossbridge Books. 

Ages 7 - 11

Miss Lovelace’s unexplained code (dyslexia-friendly edition) is the first title to be published in this format. The content is suitable for children aged 7-11 and particular appealing to boys who are often those who struggle to learn to read with conventional text.  The story tells about Miss Lovelace who discovers that her computer code has strange powers. She uses the amazing code to save the children at the school where she works from the evil head teacher. Comments from a primary teacher with thirty years of service “I think the books are brilliant! Inspired! Miss  Lovelace is original and very appealing to children. It reminded me of Roald Dahl’s ‘The Magic Finger’. The language is rich yet the structure and content is simple enough to make it very accessible for most children. The author seems to have written it just for pure enjoyment.”

ISBN 978 1 913946 18 0  Price £7.00

Miss Lovelace’s code rebooted (dyslexia-friendly edition) is the second title to be published in this format. The content is suitable for children aged 7-11 and particular appealing to boys who are often those who struggle to learn to read with conventional text.  The story tells about school children Antoine, Tomasz and Sabita who discover Miss Lovelace’s amazing code. They put it to good use defending home and school against bullies and crooks.  

ISBN 978 1 913946 19 7  Price £7.00

Miss Lovelace's code gets an upgrade (dyslexia-friendly edition) is the third titles to be published in this format. For children aged 7-11. The story tells about school children Ant, Tom, Sabbi and Mia who discover a wicked plot by the owner of a holiday park. The children discover tha Miss Lovelace's code has a new function and they use this to carry out a cunning plan so that the goodies win and the baddies get their just deserts.

ISBN 978 1 913946 20 3   Price £7.00

Ages 12 +

Close the window Stefan 

(dyslexia-friendly edition)

Published as a dyslexia-friendly edition. This is the true story of a boy's experience of war-time Germany under the Hitler regime. Aged just nine at the outbreak, Stefan experienced the blanket bombing by the RAF, being exposed to the grim realities of war. He was evacuated away from the city and found himself living on a farm close to the border with France where he made friends with prisoners of war. By the time he was fourteen, many of his friends had already been sent to the frontline while Stefan was evacuated yet again, this time east into the mountains.

ISBN: 978 1 913946 21 0  Price £8.00

Book reviews:

"Initially one of my boys was put off by the formatting, he said that it made him feel wobbly and that it would interrupt his reading flow. But after reading the first few lines he felt comfortable with the font, spacing and soft grey font colour. He was surprised. My boys really liked the cream paper; the font colour and cream paper helped them to have a positive reading experience. One of my boys was delighted with himself, being able to read aloud the text without making any errors and maintaining a good reading flow. This is a huge achievement and does wonders for his self-confidence."

E.S., Special needs teacher and SENCO

"I have just started reading your book 'Close the window Stefan' and I am amazed by how I can read the text much easier. I'm not missing so many words. I normally have to read text over and over for understanding. Words are clearer and they are not jumping around so much."

Mia Egan, Dyslexic Learning Support Practitioner

Ages 14 +

Timothy Brum

(Dyslexia-friendly edition)

by R M Mace

This book is a dyslexia-friendly version of the story of a nine-year-old boy who is lost and taken into care. He runs away from a children's home and ends up living rough on the streets of London. A modern-day Oliver twist for young adults.  The narrative is uniuely written from the perspective of each of the characters as the tale unfolds.

ISBN: 978 1 913946 22 7    Price £7.00