weebee Reading Scheme Series 2

The weebee Reading Scheme Series 2 for schools and home learning.

Designed for accelerated reading - an ideal 'catch-up' resource.

In this second series of books in the weebee Reading Scheme, each book tells a story about the weebees meeting other creatures in the valley, some are real such as the frog, the robin, the caterpillar and the butterfly and others are fictional, such as the dragon and the robot. As with Series 1, each book introduces twenty new words, building up a rich vocabulary including most of the 100 most frequently used words in children's literature.

The games and activities provided in the Complete Resource Books are all different from those in Series 1 and most are completely novel, created specifically for the weebee Reading Scheme.

Books 9-16  In these books, the majority of words are phonically decodable and follow the phonics phases from the English 'Letters and Sounds' document. 

Books 9a - 16a. These books are an alternative parallel set of books that include many words that are not considered to be phonically decodable. They are intended for children who are more holistic learners, often boys, who either cannot access the blending and segmenting approach known as synthetic phonics, or prefer not to. They are also for children who have 'cracked the code' and can already read when they start school.

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The egg Book 9

ISBN 978-1-913946-28-9

Price £6.00

The caterpillar Book 10

ISBN 978-1-913946-29-6

Price £6.00

The robot Book 11

ISBN 978-1-913946-30-2

Price £6.00

The robin Book 12

ISBN 978-1-913946-31-9

Price £6.00

The dragon Book 13

ISBN 978-1-913946-32-6

Price £6.00

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The egg Book 9a

ISBN 978-1-913946-37-1

Price £6.00

The caterpillar Book 10a

ISBN 978-1-913946-38-8

Price £6.00

The robot Book 11a

ISBN 978-1-913946-39-5

Price £6.00

The robin Book 12a

ISBN 978-1-913946-40-1

Price £6.00

The dragon Book 13a

ISBN 978-1-913946-41-8

Price £6.00

The frog Book 14

ISBN 978-1-913946-33-3

Price £6.00

The troll Book 15

ISBN 978-1-913946-34-0

Price £6.00

The butterfly Book 16

ISBN 978-1-913946-35-7

Price £6.00

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The frog Book 14a

ISBN 978-1-913946-42-5

Price £6.00

The troll Book 15a

ISBN 978-1-913946-43-2

Price £6.00

The butterfly Book 16a

ISBN 978-1-913946-44-9

Price £6.00

Complete Resource Book weebee Reading Scheme Series 2 Books 9-16

ISBN 978 1 913946 36 4  Price £24.00

Complete Resource Book weebee Reading Scheme Series 2a Books 9a-16a

ISBN 978 1 913946 45 6   Price £24.00

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