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WeeBee coding Engine


Animation coding Engine designed for Primary/Elementary school age children  - download for FREE:

Story Writing Coding

The complete guide for Primary/Elementary children coding stories using the WeeBee engine

This book introduces programming ('coding') to children of Primary/Elementary School age and beyond. They will learn how to code animated stories using the professional language Java. The approach is novel since children will work with Java text, rather than dragging and dropping blocks.

All you need is a Windows PC. The engine is self-contained and you do not need to install any software onto your PC.

ISBN 978 1 8380028 1 7  Price £8.00

Teacher reviews:

"From the first lesson pupils were excited and engaged with the program. It made them think about programming in a very different way from when they have used block-based programming. After using the programme I felt that I also had a greater understanding of programming concepts as well as the pupils.""The book provides clear instructions and next steps, with a directed goal in mind - both short term and later on in subsequent lessons. Giving tangible characters and scenes has excited and motivated children in their programming, particularly in the beginning when it was new. It is a clear progression of skill and children can work at their own pace. The teacher does not need a superior knowledge of coding to follow the weebee engine. My knowledge of coding has been developed more from using the weebee engine than block-based programmes that I have taught in other sessions."

Story-Writing-Coding Chinese edition

ISBN 978 1 8380028 8 6   Price£8.00

FREE dowloadable pdf introductory booklet that takes you through stage by stage how to code an animated story.

New for the WeeBee engine

Introducing the Sci-Fi weebees











Advanced Computing

The Nature of Computing

2nd edition (revised and extended)

by Dr Colin B Price

This textbook is aimed at College and University students who are studying Computing. Its focus is on a particular course at the University of Worcester, UK, yet concepts and novel approaches explored in this book may be of interest to progressive educators in all regions. This book forms part of a series 'Breakfast with Dr.C' that started when the author was teaching at the Catholic University of Leuven, Belgium.

ISBN: 978 1 913946 97 5  £30.00

Differential Drive Robots

by Dr Colin B Price

This book is intended to support a Robotics module at the University of Worcester. Concentrating on two-wheeled differential-drive robots, it explores robot kinematics, control architectures, sensors, navigation, and robot vision. It discusses both direct-drive motors (servo-motors) and stepper motor technology. This book may be of interest to instructors and students on other college introductory courses. This book forms part of a series ;Breakfast with Dr.C' that started when the author was teaching as the Catholic University of Leuven, Belgium.

ISBN: 978 1 913946 89 0  £10.00

See inside...

See inside...