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Sid Smart books by Richard Tiller

Sid Smart - Eating

by Richard Tiller

The first in a series of books to help children think about their health. In this book the story contrasts the effect of eating healthy food with unhealthy food on the lives of Sid and Roy. Sid's good eating habits help him concentrate at school and leave him with plenty of energy to play with his friends after school. Roy's poor eating habits leave him tired and distracted at school and too tired to play after school. Engaging colour illustrations throughout.

ISBN 978 1 8380028 2 4  £12.00

Sid Smart - Moving

by Richard Tiller

In this second book, Sid  teaches children about the importance of exercise and leading an active life. Charming and engaging colour illustrations throughout. Particularly appealing to boys.

ISBN 978 1 8380028 3 1   £12.00

Sid Smart - Thinking

by Richard Tiller

Author of Sid Smart Eating and Sid Smart Moving. A great story to teach children about the importance of being mindful. Supporting YoungMinds; 50% of royalties will be donated to the YoungMinds charity supporting children's mental wellbeing.

ISBN 9781838002893   £12.00

Sid Smart - Helping

by Richard Tiller

Sid Smart is back with a great story for children to learn about the importance of being helpful. Read how Sid finds ways to help his family, his friends, and even strangers, and how this has a beneficial impact on his own wellbeing.

ISBN: 978 1 913946 67 8   Price £12.00

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Historical adventure books by Richard Tiller

Ryan's Adventure in Rome

by Richard Tiller

Send your child on a Roman adventure. Ryan's adventure in Rome is a visually-stunning adventure story about a boy who finds himself transported thousands of miles and thousands of years from home. 

By the author of the Sid Smart healthy lifestyle books, this book presents an accessible picture of ancient Rome, helping your children to grasp this important era in the world's history.

ISBN 9781838002862   £9.00

The Miss Lovelace's code books by R M Price-Mohr

Miss Lovelace's unexplained code

By R M Price-Mohr.

For children in Year 3-4. Miss Lovelace discovers that her computer code has strange powers. She uses the amazing code to save the children in the school where she works from the evil headteacher.

ISBN: 978 0 9569089 9 5    Price £ 7.00

Full-colour illustrations throughout.

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Miss Lovelace's code rebooted

By R M Price-Mohr

By popular demand a sequel to Miss Lovelce's unexplained code. School children Antoine, Tomasz and Sabita discover Miss Lovelace's amazing code. They put it to good use defending home and school against bullies and crooks.

Full-colour illustrations throughout.

ISBN 978 0 9569089 4 0   £7.00

Miss Lovelace's code gets an upgrade

When the children go on holiday together, they discover a wicked plot by the owner of the holiday park. The children discover that Miss Lovelace's code has a new function and they use this to carry out a cunning plan so that the goodies win and the baddies get their just deserts.

The children are hailed as eco-warriors in the local newspaper.

ISBN: 978 0 9569089 6 4    £7.00

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Review by Kezi (Year 9)

When I read this book I thought nothing would ever be as good as the first one – ‘Miss Lovelace’s Code’ but then I was overcome by this story as it was almost as excellent as the first. It was such an exciting story and had some really fun moments such as when the pumpkins were coded to scare away the robbers.  I also thought that it was creative to include anti-bullying into the moral of the story.

This book is particularly good for younger readers who enjoy a good adventure and love to see a problem solved – with plenty of funny moments thrown in for good measure! 

Overall, I thought that both this book and it’s predecessor were such good stories with happy endings and good morals and I would love to hear more about Miss Lovelace and Ant if another sequel was written. 

Books for Christmas

This is Christmas Day

by Tim Allyn

Part of the joy that parents have at Christmas is seeing their children's excitement when opening all the wrapped toys and gifts. The first Christmas wasn't too different! God had a special gift that He was giving to the world. It was the only gift that could save us from our sadness, sin, and pain. It was the only gift that could bring peace and joy to those who suffer. God delighted to make Christmas Day so spectacular because He was giving one gift that would save the world.

ISBN 978 1 913946 77 7 (Paperback) £12.00

ISBN 978 1 913946 78 4 (Hardback) £19.00


"Children love stories, rhymes, and Christmas. Here, in This is Christmas Day, Tim Allyn gives tham all three. Best of all he helps us - parents and children alike - to understand what the story is all about."

Sinclair B Ferguson

Author of the award-winning children's book 'The Big Book of Questions and Answers'.

Little Lucy small and shy

by Ann Goddard

Little Lucy is shy and hides herself away. Through an adventure in the woodland, and with the help of her friends the birds, Lucy learns that she can be brave and adventurous. She gains confidence in being herself. Quotes from Scripture affirm that God knows each of us and He is with us always.

ISBN: 978 1 913946 75 3  (Paperback) £12.00

ISBN: 978 1 913946 76 0 (Hardback) £19.00

How Eileen was Saved

by Eileen Mohr (Founder of Crossbridge Books)

The year is 1937. Eileen is six years old. Her family lives in Dagenham in east London, England. This is a true story written and illustrated for six-year-olds. In those days children's evangelists visited Sunday Schools where they would teach children about Jesus,  and the salvation that can be found through following Him. This is the story of how Eileen, at the age of six was saved. 

ISBN: 978 1 913946 87 6  (Paper back) £8.00

ISBN: 978 1 913946 98 2  (Hardback) £19.00 

Books by Sean Hinton

Toby, Toad, 'n' Dog on the Road

by Sean Hinton, illustrated by R M Price-Mohr.

Ever wondered why dogs can't read maps and cars won't accept directions? A fun, rhyming story about a classic car and a dog who are rescued by a bunch of toads, repaying one good deed. The story is set in the British countryside, where there is plenty of wildlife, cake, and hidden toads.

ISBN: 978 1 913946 92 0  (Paperback) £12.00

ISBN: 978 1 913946 93 7  (Hardback) £19.00

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Books by Julie Wall

Buddy and friends find kindness

by Julie Wall

Nestled in the Oxfordshire countryside, in a magical and special place, five friends meet. Together they begin to find and understand kindness while playing in the park and enjoying imaginary journeys on the red tractor. Buddy is Winnie-Norreen's dog and accompanies her everywhere. He is the storyteller of everything he sees, hears, and thinks while watching the friends explore the natural play area.

ISBN: 978 1 913946 95 1 (Paperback) £12.00

ISBN: 978 1 913946 96 8  (Hardback) £19.00

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Books by R M Mace


By R M Mace

A collection of seven short tales-of-the-unexpected for children aged 7 - 11.

Full-page colour illustrations.

ISBN: 978 0 9561787 0 1  Price £ 5.99

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For older children and young adults

Close the window Stefan

By R M Mace

The true story of an evacuee in Germany. When the blanket bombing begins, Stefan is exposed to the grim realities of war. He is evacuated away from the city and finds himself living on a farm close to the border with France where he makes friends with prisoners of war.

For children aged over 9.

ISBN: 978 0 9569089 88  Price £ 8.00



Timothy Brum

by R M Mace

This short novel follows in the footsteps of Dickens' Oliver Twist, taking the reader onto the streets of contemporary London to see it through the eyes of a boy.

Timothy, aged 9, runs away from a children's home in Birmingham and hitches a lift to London. He is faced with horrendous possible outcomes.

For children aged over 14.

ISBN: 978 0 9561787 3 2  Price £ 9.00



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