About us


Publishers since 1994. Celebrating 28 years of publishing!

We are an independent family-run publishing house specialising in Christian, children’s, and educational books. Founded in 1994, we began publishing as Mohr Books. This was later incorporated into Crossbridge Books as the list of titles expanded.

Our first children’s books were published around the turn of the century, and there is now a particular focus on books for children in the Early Years. In 2020 we launched our dyslexia-friendly titles.

Christian fiction has been part of our mission since our foundation and continues to this day. Our titles also include biographies, autobiographies, and historical biographies, sharing the valuable life experiences of special people and ordinary people caught up in extraordinary times.

Our values:

What makes us so green? We believe wholeheartedly in our stewardship of God's planet. Did you know that 30% of global greenhouse gas emissions are produced by international freight?

In 2018 we took the decision to convert all our titles to print-on-demand. All our titles – available globally – are printed locally according to demand. Our titles are not the cheapest, but our customers can be sure that taking this approach reduces impact on the environment from shipping overseas and haulage, and supports local industry around the world.