Meet the authors

Helen Babin
Having dabbled in writing poetry since I can remember and always being a keen jotter in a travel diary, my desire to write grew exponentially when flung into an unfamiliar territory called motherhood. Advancing towards the idea of story writing, I partook in a creative writing course at the ‘Folk House’ in Bristol. Through this experience hatched the idea of Pura Vida.
My debut novel has led me along my first steps on the journey of novel writing, and I’m hoping to find space, skills and courage to finish writing other stories I’ve been plotting and chipping away at whilst finishing Pura Vida.
I have had a bash at short story writing and was selected by a local writer’s group to read a short story of mine at their stand-up shorts reading evening.

Rev Trevor Dearing

Trevor was converted to Christianity and at the same time wonderfully healed by God from a traumatic mental illness at the age of 19. As a raw untaught Christian, he didn’t even know the Bible properly although he did in fact spend a year studying the Bible and training to be an evangelist at the Methodist run Cliff College in Derbyshire. He went on to obtain a Bachelor of Divinity Degree. He obtained an Arts Degree in Theology subsequently at Birmingham University.

He went on to minister as a probationary Methodist minister in Brighouse, Yorkshire, as a curate in a Church of England parish of Todmorden and subsequently as a vicar in Barnsley, Halifax, St. Paul’s Church Hainault and finally in St. Luke's Episcopal Church in Seattle in the USA. His ministry is remembered however, for his dynamic preaching as an evangelist and winning thousands for the Kingdom of God, a remarkable miracle ministry of healing and powerful ministry of deliverance. 

Andrew Hill

Andrew grew up in the Elim Pentecostal Church.

He became lay pastor of Brandhall Baptist Church and is now an ordained Presbyter in the Episcopal Church as a member of the Order of St. Leonard.  He has extensive experience in preaching and teaching, both at home and abroad, church-based counselling and for many years was part of an apostolic team inputting other churches and ministries.  He lives in Bromsgrove, Worcestershire with his wife, Chris.

Richard Tiller

Richard lives in Worcestershire with his wife and mischievous dog named Rocky. Inspired by experiences gained whilst teaching in primary schools, he decided to put his creative energies into writing and illustrating children’s books. With qualifications and experience in fitness and education, Richard felt there were some important lifestyle messages that he could share with children, through the medium of entertaining and informative books.

Having had a lifetime love of art, you will often find Richard sketching or painting, whilst listening to his favourite sports radio station. When he has not got a pencil or brush in his hand, he enjoys spending time with his family, exercising and trying to teach his dog how to behave on the sofa!

Ann Goddard

Ann lives in Worcestershire and is passionate about wildlife and the environment. She has a degree in Zoology and started her working life in the natural history section of a museum, later training as a secondary school teacher of Lower School Science and ‘A’ Level Biology. After having her own children, she worked for many years at an Environmental Centre teaching sections of the National Curriculum in an innovative way in the outdoors mainly to primary-aged children. It was here that she became involved in the tradition of oral storytelling.

Ann has been a Christian for over 30 years and aims to write stories that raise the awareness of wildlife, inspire self-confidence, and affirm God’s love for us.

When at home, she enjoys walking in the countryside with her dog, being in her garden, reading, and stories, stories, stories!

Tim Allyn

Tim was born in the USA and moved to Scotland to marry his wife, Bev. He works as a psychotherapist for Dundee Counselling and is the Events Manager for Solas Centre for Public Christianity.

The idea to write Christian books for children came from having three sons of his own and wanting the next generation to have access to more stories about Jesus. It’s difficult for parents today (especially in a Covid / post-Covid world) to compete with YouTube, videogames, social media, etc. but we have to try! Books are a great way for parents to connect with their kids and at the same time give their children an appreciation of the most important truth they could ever know.

Dr Colin Price

Dr Colin Price is Principal Lecturer at Worcester University where he currently teaches Computing. He has worked in education for his entire life starting off teaching Nuffield A-Level Physics. His recent research interests include Primary Computing, and he has recently taught all primary year groups in local schools.

Dr Ruth Price-Mohr

Ruth trained as a primary school teacher at Westminster College, Oxford in the 1980s. She has taught all ages from preschool to undergraduate. Her academic work has been published in international journals and is referenced in books and guidance for schools. You can read her writing biography below.

Meet the authors

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