Wolves of Russia

by R M Mace

An epic story of survival spanning two generations as told by the last in line of an ancient Polish noble family, based on memoirs and eye-witness accounts of true events. From the court of Imperial Russia to Foxley Manor in Herefordshire, England, the story begins with the First World War, takes the reader through the Russian Revolution, The Second World War, deportation to Siberia, escape from a gulag, enlistment in the British Eighth Army, the Italian Campaign and Monte Cassino, the operations of the UNRRA, and finally to England.

For fans of the book 'The Long Walk; The True Story of a Trek to Freedom', or fans of books about the Eastern Front of the Great War, this book will not disappoint.

There are some stories that simply have to be told; Wolves of Russia is one of those stories. The secrecy of the Stalin years and beyond have kept this story, typed laboriously on yellowing A4 sheets, tucked safely in a draw for decades until now.

You might ask how true is this story? It was true for those who lived it.

Narrated by Sam Burns

Graduate of the Cygnet Training Theatre, Exeter, Sam's distinctive resonant voice is perfect for this role. His meticulous work on achieving the correct pronunciation for Polish, Russian and Ukrainian names has been outstanding.

"I could listen to him all day." Marion.

To listen to a sample, follow the link below.


Author royalties will be donated to CAFOD

Actor and Narrator Sam Burns

Since graduating from Cygnet Training Theatre in 2013, Sam has worked in multiple theatre companies and touring productions. He co-founded Circle of Spears Productions, a theatre company and audiobook production house, with which he debuted his first play Outside Of The Box. He has appeared in a number of independent film projects. He has also gained acclaim as an audiobook narrator both with Circle  of Spears and as a freelancer.