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fides quaerens intellectum  “faith seeking understanding"  

St Anselm  of Canterbury 1033-1109

Christianity has been intimately connected with education since its beginning and like Martin Luther, Crossbridge Books believes in education so “that there will always be preachers, jurists, pastors, writers, physicians, schoolmasters, and the like, for we cannot do without them.” 

Promises from God:

'Behold, God is my salvation, I will trust and not be afraid;

for YAH, the Lord, is my strength and song; He also has become my salvation.

( Isaiah 12:2 NKJ)

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Best seller 2022

101 Crafty Activities

for 3-5-year-olds

This book has more than a hundred different ideas for creative activities to do with children roughly aged between three and five years, although younger and older children can enjoy many of these open-ended activities at their own level. Most of the materials used will cost you nothing as they can be recycled from everyday household objects and supermarket supplies. For some of the activities materials can be gathered from the garden or park. All the activities have been tried and tested as evidenced by the wealth of photographs that illustrate the activities.

The perfect resource book for parents or carers of young children in home or group settings, especially when funds are limited.

ISBN: 978 1 913946 86 9    Hardback £30.00

ISBN: 978 1 913946 85 2    Paperback £24.00

This month's publications

How Eileen was Saved

by Eileen Mohr (Founder of Crossbridge Books)

The year is 1937. Eileen is six years old. Her family lives in Dagenham in east London, England. This is a true story written and illustrated for six-year-olds. In those days children's evangelists visited Sunday Schools where they would teach children about Jesus,  and the salvation that can be found through following Him. This is the story of how Eileen, at the age of six was saved. 

ISBN: 978 1 913946 87 6  £8.00

The Nature of Computing

by Dr Colin B Price

This textbook is aimed at College and University students who are studying Computing. Its focus is on a particular course at the University of Worcester, UK, yet concepts and novel approaches explored in this book may be of interest to progressive educators in all regions. This book forms part of a series 'Breakfast with Dr.C' that started when the author was teaching at the Catholic University of Leuven, Belgium.

ISBN: 978 1 913946 88 3  £15.00

Differential Drive Robots

by Dr Colin B Price

This book is intended to support a Robotics module at the University of Worcester. Concentrating on two-wheeled differential-drive robots, it explores robot kinematics, control architectures, sensors, navigation, and robot vision. It discusses both direct-drive motors (servo-motors) and stepper motor technology. This book may be of interest to instructors and students on other college introductory courses. This book forms part of a series ;Breakfast with Dr.C' that started when the author was teaching as the Catholic University of Leuven, Belgium.

ISBN: 978 1 913946 89 0  £10.00

Next month's publication

Mountains on the Moon

by Michael Arthern

Michael Arthern takes the reader on a journey through time, giving us fascinating close-ups of scientists, whose names are of great significance but show personal lives and thoughts are unkown territory. We discover that many of these scientifically dedicated men and women were also enthusiastic admirers of the Creator as well as  the Creation.

ISBN: 978 1 913946 90 6    £12.00

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