Christian Fiction

Christian Fiction


Debut  novel by Helen Babin

Twenty-two-year-old Worcestershire graduate Amy finds herself back home with mum.  She heads off on a flimsy proposition, determined to land herself a job, and new lifestyle in CostaRica. Once in Castillo, Amy lapses into a self-destuctive life style. After a crazy weekend, Amy has reason to fear for her life and leaves Castillo in a hurry. Her dream job lost, Amy stumbles on the mystical Nicaraguan island of Ometepe. Peace in paradise is short lived, marred by tragedy. Amy collapses from a fever and is transported to a hospital in Managua. Here she has a revelation about her calling in life - and her life is transformed.

ISBN 978 0 9569089 5 7  £10.00

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Roger Penney

Stories based on incidents or characters described in the Gospel narratives of the New Testament in a syle that gives the reader a deeper understanding of the people involved.

ISBN: 978 0 9543573 9 9  Price £6.99


Marion Heath

This book, by Canadian author Marion Heath, is a powerful story involving adventurous sport, compassion and redemption.

ISBN: 978 0 9561787 7 0  Price £7.99