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Ten for today by David Morgan

David Morgan has been a lay preacher in the Methodist Church for many years. The congregations who have listened to his sermons in various churches have appreciated his combination of humour and challenging insights. These two factors are effectively presented in his stories, followed by questions to confront the complacnecy of the reader who may have thought that the Ten Commandments had little relevance for life in the 21st Century. For discussion groups or individual study.

The Essential Book of Recipes for Good Living by Eileen Mohr

A collection is insights that will help you take the best, most fulfilling path through life. Good for you mind, body and spirit, they deal with possible problems in a fresh, easy-to-read way. Eileen Mohr covers a wide range of topics in this book, giving a fresh Christian viewpoint on each. They include marriage, parenting and Alzheimer's.

Mountains on the Moon by Michael Arthern (Hardback)

Michael Arthern takes the reader on a journey through time, giving us fascinating close-ups of scientists whose names are of great significance but whose personla lives and thoughts are unknown territory. We discover that many of these scientifically dedicated mena and women were also enthusiastic admirers of the Creator as well as Creation.

"A btilliant synthesis of science and the Christian faith, Michael Arthern brings together scintific integrity and insight with deep spirituality. A nook that will excite and challenge" Rev Dr David Wilkinson

Mother Twin by Eileen Mohr (Hardback fiction)

After an unexpected happening in 2008, Britain has become a very different place during the following decades. Edith is trying to keep the reprehensible event of her past from being discovered, but her niece, Celia, senses that her aunt does not always tell her the truth, leading to some bizarre behaviour.

An attempt on Edith's life seems in some way to be connected to her secret. But how? Even after Celia has become an adult and the truth is revealed, the unanswered questions contine, involving a Cambridge University professor, and requiring help from a hospital chplain.

Sacred Instinct by Allie Ituen (fiction)

A novel. This is the story of a youn London accountant. Angela, after spending her twenties clubbing and in casual relationships, has become a Christian. She now wants a fulfilling life, apart from her job that she enjoys. She now wants a husband and children. But can she be sure of marrying the right man? She is told by the doctors that she is unable to carry a baby to full term. Sngela inows that hse has a lot to learn to become a mature Christian.

The Kently-Shaddy by Eileen Mohr (Children's fiction)

Four children wonder how the island boy came to be living alone on a Pacific island. What will happen if the Kentle-Shaddy is caught by ruthless profiteers? As a result of the Kentle-Shaddy's efforts, enemies are turned int friends, and after some adventures on the island, the mystery is solved. This strange little creature makes a unique contribution to reconciliation ins a certian mythical island.

The Cheeky Donkey who changed by Mercia Macdonald (Children's fiction)

If we look at the Gospel of Luke Chapter 19, verses 30 to 35, we read that Jesus rode a donkey's colt that had never been ridden before. We must assume that the colt was immediately tamed under the Master's hand. This in istself is a small miracle.

An Easter story to read to little children.

from balls to psychology by Roger Mace (Autobiography)

The late Dr Roger Mace (1940-2011) was a renowned sport psychologist who was referred to by colleages as 'the grandfather of British sport psychology'. He was born a farmer's son and was educated at leamington College. After studying at Loughborough College he became a PE teacher, teaching in schools for ten years before taking up lecturing in outdoor education. In addition to working as a consultant psychologist with the Englan Netball Senior Squard, Great Britain and England Men's Hockey team and England Colts Rugby team, he worked with elite internaitonal athletes from a variety of sports. The tales he tells in this book focus on the amusing and sometimes bizarre experiences in his life.

Liam's Secret Codes by Patricia Blackledge (Children's fiction)

Liam was disappointed with his Christmas present from Grandad, and when he got a surprise Boxing Day present, he thought that was even more disappointing. But as Liam, with his older sister Becky's help, and later a bit of help from Mum, began to solve the mystery codes, he changed his mind about the Christmas presetn and the Boxing Day present.

Thumbelina by Ruth Maria Tapp (Children's fiction plus sheet music)

An adaptation of Thumbelina originally written to be perfomed with narration and dance. This book is a unique combination of a story to read, delightful illustrations to colour, and eighteen short piano pieces of varying difficulty level.